Baghrol Basa- A Fishing Cat Heritage Homestay

Homestay Experience

Homestay Experience

Baghrol Basa- Baghrol meaning fishing cat in Bengali and Basa means nest or house. As the name suggests, Baghrol Basa is a home in the swamps just like a fishing cats nest. Here, we set up a research and conservation program to conserve the fishing cat and fund it using the money from the revenues that the homestay generates. We chose a conservation model that involves local people in all facets of management. They helped renovate the old-fashioned building, they run it and they are also involved in fishing cat conservation activities.

The Classic Jamindar Suite

This was the main suite or the bedroom of the Jamindar and miraculously survived floods. The suite has been restored to its original glory along with modern conveniences. These include a clean and functional toilet, dining area and an open balcony which is surrounded by an orchid garden.

The Clay Jamindar Suite

Enjoy the stylish Jamindar Clay suite made from locally available natural material. In the year 1978, this section of the property was flooded and destroyed along with other clay houses in this area. The carefully rebuilt house has a functional toilets, a grand dining room, a balcony with a view and an orchid garden.

Historic Dinning

An interactive area cum dining hall- we encourage active interaction amongst people in the homestay.

Fresh Water Pond

The 4 in-house fresh water ponds are open and friendly for fishing cats and other wildlife. Additionally, fish is caught for personal consumption, angling is allowed and the adventurous can also swim in the warm waters. These ponds are the food bowls which are full of wildlife and active all day-night.

Organic Farming

We promote organic farming and our home garden provided vegetables and fruits yearlong for consumption. We also grow local medicinal plants and herbs. From our Ponds, we consume fish grown the natural way.

Flower & Butterfly Garden

Baghrol Basa habitat is like an open butterfly garden to attract and refuge different types of Butterfly and other Insects.

Local Bengali Cuisine

The food we serve, though local in nature, is in many ways deferent from the popular Bengali cuisine. We promise an authentic taste of flood plains of Bengal.

Local Art, Crafts and Culture

Local Arts, crafts, music are part of Baghrol Basa. We always encourage local artist to perform and display their authentic local culture.

A living museum

The whole property is like a living natural history museum with real wildlife and culture facets to Display the uniqueness of this Landscape and the Fishing Cat for a better understanding and awareness.

Eco-friendly ToTo safari

We use a Sound Less & Emission Less battery operated safari car called TOTO. For a perfect Safari experience.

Amenities & Facilities

1 Double Bedded Classic Jamindari Suite with Attached Western Toilets & Balcony.

1 Four Bedded Clay Jamindari Suite with Attached Western Toilets & Balcony.

Every Balcony is good for wildlife photography

AC in every room

Running Hot & Cold Water.

Total RO drinking water or Bottled water (Optional)

Room Service

Every Suite has a Mini Library

STD & ISD call facilities

TV at the sitting area (only for presentations & documentary)

Authentic Food of Bengal Floodplains

Standard Toiletries

In house Hide out for a better Wildlife experience.

Trained Naturalists, Para Biologist, Guides & Porters

Exclusive Fishing Cat Tourism

Souvenir Shop



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