Baghrol Basa- A Fishing Cat Heritage Homestay

Our Story

Our Story

Baghrol Basa = Fishing Cat (Baghrol in Local Bengali Language) Nest (Basa or Home). Baghrol Basa is a Research and conservation project on the Fishing Cat funded only by Sustainable Wildlife Tourism. This is conceptualized, founded and run by our inhouse Naturalist-Engineer Shantanu Prasad. He spent over 80,000 hrs on the field to understand and document wildlife across India, Nepal & Africa. His Wildlife Photography is loved by many as his Conservation efforts.

As Baghrol Basa we say Save Fishing Cat, Save Floodplains, Save Water. This is our attempt to revive the flood plains habitat by protecting the Indicator species Fishing Cat. This will also solve a greater problem of Underground Drinking water and enhance organic farming.

Baghrol Basa is a high impact sustainable tourism model where we have 5 staff per room and all of them are local underprivileged. More than 200 people who get livelihood or are positively impacted. Just by staying at Baghrol Basa you are not only experiencing elusive wildlife in their natural habitat, you are also taking part in conservation.

We petrol our surrounding floodplains every night and monitor about 1100 ponds wetlands to collect data which helps in research after being published as scientific papers. As per our last published data in IUCN Cat News this place has the highest density of Fishing Cat in the world.

Baghrol Basa also shares 20% of its profit for Fishing Cat and its habitat conservation execute by WATER (Wildlife Awareness Trust for Environment Research).

Our Team

We are fortunate to have a passionate team perfectly fit for this odd and hard job. The whole team takes part in Planning, Making and Executing of the whole project and later running the whole system under Shantanu's Supervision

Shantanu Prasad

Founder, CEO & Head Naturalist

Sohoni Bose

Partner & CFO

Arijit Das

Naturalist & Allrounder

Prashanta Deyasi

Para Ecologist & Allrounder

Alan Roy

Naturalist Allrounder

Sonu Singha

Naturalist Allrounder

Suchitra Majhi

Assistant. Kitchen & Housekeeping

Sankar Majhi

Organic Farming & Gardening

Our Advisors

Kartikeya Singh

Trainer & Wildlife conflict management specialist

Kartikeya has experience developing and implementing conservation management projects for the government, translocation of wild animals, wildlife conflict management, customized trainings to frontline forest department staff on chemical and physical capture/rescue and rehabilitation, training naturalists, guides and drivers involved in wildlife tourism industry etc. He is one of the specialists involved in the reintroduction of Gaur (Bos gaurus) from Kanha to Bandhavgarh as an initiative to reverse the local extinction of the species.

Makers of Baghrol Basa: Artist, Engineers & Assistants

Shantanu Prasad

Md Selim

Arpit Jain

Asiruddin Mallik

Robin Pal

Kartik Ghuchait

Naba Maity

Sankar Majhi

Sk Rohim

Tapan Samanta

Sanyasi Gyne

Gobinda Sarkar

Ramapada Guine

Prasanta Deyasi

Sohoni Bose

Sreetama Bhattacharya

Sourav Chatterjee

Bhaskar Das

Sujit Roy

Bivash Mithi

Biswajit Bagchi

Sonu Singha

Tarak Debnath

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