Baghrol Basa- A Fishing Cat Heritage Homestay

Welcome to Baghrol Basa

World's most unique experience built around the Fishing Cat

Experience Fishing Cat

An unique swamp cat. Fishing Cat is the Master & Ruler of Bengal Flood Plains.

Flood Plains Ecosystem

Explore one of the best remaining habitat for Fishing Cat in the World and the largest outside Protected Area.

17th Century Heritage

Ghosh Bari is a Jamindar house existed since 1683 is now become Baghrol Basa after renovation and opened for Tourist.

Beautiful Rural Bengal

Experience the Blissful & Beautiful Rural Bengal Flood Plains.

Local Organic Food

Taste the Authentic local Jamindari Cuisine.

Diverse Birding

Bengal Flood Plains is a Birding paradise. Over 300 different type of Birds are found here.

Bio-diversity Hotspot

The dynamic landscape of Flood Plains supports a greater diversity of Life.

Eco Friendly ToTo Safari

Sound less & Emission less TOTO safari for a Smooth & Eco-friendly village ride.

Explore. Enjoy. Conserve

Baghrol Basa shares 20% of its profit for the conservation of Fishing Cat and its habitat. Every time you visit us, you directly contribute towards conservation of nature.

Inside & Out Side of Baghrol Basa


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Villagers Benefited
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Ponds Covered


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